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Logs of a spaced-out canine... bound to stump your neurons!

The world is not small enough until transporters have been invented.


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Date Created:2000-08-31
Number of Posts: 369

Astropup is a Type 6 Temporal Canine. Created in a quantum singularity on stardate 03091977, its functions are to facilitate frisky fun and encourage horny endeavours in the space time continuum. Despite its seemingly frivolous disposition, the core matrix of this creature is that of logic and rationality. This is consistent with the breed's motto - In Order, There Is Fun.
Strengths: In the company of peers and friends, Astropup can be extremely amicable and funny. Due to its love for theatrics and camp, entertainment value is not a problem for this fuzzy furball.
Weaknesses: Astropup is prone to self-criticism and pessimism, which can lead to periods of lerthagy and B.L.U.E.S. Side effects include alcohol, smoking, extended hours on the net, and rampant carnal indulgences.
Special Skills: Its uncanny ability to get intoxicated and create its own queertum scenegularity has mystified every other breed of canines.
Weapons: Its main form of defense - the Bitchstruptor, fires a modulated diss pulse that incapacitates its victims. Also equipped with a Gaydar, a highly sensitive instrument that detects queer lifeforms.
Temporal Canine Academy Song: A stitch in time saves k9... A little bit of fun we don't mind... Rowf rowf innnnnnnnn order there's fun... Rowf rowf innnnnnnnn chaos there's none... There's no time like the present hey hey!

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